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Program Description

As a digital artist, I rely on SumoPaint as my go-to free online drawing and painting program. With SumoPaint’s array of robust tools, I can let my creativity run wild. It has everything I need to create original digital artwork and graphics right in my web browser. I can customize brushes to get perfect strokes or use the pen tool to make precise vector shapes.

The layers system lets me build up complex illustrations by combining and blending elements. And when I need to give my artwork a finishing polish, all the effects and filters help bring them to life. I especially love using the symmetry mode when designing cool abstract pieces.

It makes the art creation process fun and engaging with its modern interface. Since it’s all online, I can draw on any computer without needing to download expensive software. With it, I have the power to digitally render all my wildest artistic ideas for free!

Program Description

Technical characteristics Sumopaint

  • Supports high resolution canvases up to 4000×4000 pixels
  • Customizable tools with controls for size, spacing, animation, scatter, opacity
  • Vector tools like pen, shape, and text for precise illustrations
  • Layer system for non-destructive editing and composition
Technical characteristics Sumopaint

New features image editor


  • Intuitive interface – Simple, clean design similar to desktop painting programs makes it easy to jump in and start creating.
  • Powerful tools – vectors, layers, possibility to create your own brushes, filters give you everything you need for detailed illustrations and graphics.
  • Community integration – Built-in community features make it easy to publish, share, or find inspiration from other users.
  • File compatibility – Ability to open and edit Photoshop PSD files expands creative possibilities.


  • No object transforms – Cannot easily skew, distort, or warp objects and layers as with other vector tools.
  • No non-destructive effects – Filters and adjustments permanently alter pixels rather than editing non-destructively like adjustment layers.
  • No CMYK color – Limited to RGB colors. No support for CMYK for professional print design work.
New features image editor

What’s new

As a digital artist, I’ve been thrilled with the latest updates. The new version now supports the sumo format, allowing me to easily save and share my work with other artists without losing any quality. I can also create my own unique tools, giving me more creative control over my projects. The program runs incredibly fast, even on my older computer, and the pro version comes with a basic license for original songs and gradients. 

I appreciate the added security features too, which protect my work from any potential cracks or hacks. The new authorization process is seamless, and I love the latest algorithm for creating realistic shadows in my pieces. The software also now includes an audio editor and video editor, making it a one-stop-shop for all my creative needs.

It’s amazing to see how Sumo Paint has evolved to keep up with modern technology, and I can’t wait to continue exploring all the new features it has to offer. If you’re a digital artist looking for a user-friendly and feature-packed image editing program, be sure to check out Sumo Paint. 

What's new

System Requirements

  • Web browser – A current version of a major browser like Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or Safari. Legacy browsers may not work.
  • CPU – A multi-core processor is recommended. More cores will help with performance when working on complex graphics.
  • RAM – Minimum of 8GB RAM suggested, with 16GB or more being ideal for large and multilayered artworks.
  • Storage – Having available hard drive space is necessary utilizes browser cache and temporary files.
System Requirements

How to Use Free Sumopaint

  1. Step

    Click New to start a blank canvas or click Open Painting to import a file.

  2. Step

    Select a canvas size up to 4000×4000 pixels. Leave the Background transparent if desired.

  3. Step

    Use the toolbar to add elements like text, shapes. Double-click layers to edit.

  4. Step

    Click the Save icon to store locally or Export to download/share your artwork.

Activation keys

  • S892S-76LDS-KA7R6
  • DG878-T1L87-96OA8
  • L26L3-MICN5-C7Q7C
How to Use Free Sumopaint

Alternatives to Sumopaint

  • Adobe Illustrator Draw – Adobe’s 3D robust vector illustration app with pen, shape. More advanced capabilities.
  • Photopea – A free browser-based alternative to Photoshop with extensive tools for photo editing and graphic design.
  • Sketchpad – Feature-rich online drawing application with custom brushes, layers, and vector shapes.
  • – Online vector editor for clean illustrations and artwork with a minimalist interface.
Alternatives to Sumopaint


Q: Can I import Photoshop PSD files into Sumo Paint?

A: Yes, Sumo Paint does support opening and editing PSD files while preserving layers. Some complex PSDs may not fully import.

Q: What file types does Sumo Paint support?

A: It can open PSD, JPG, PNG, BMP and can export to PNG, JPG, SVG, and GIF.

Q: Is there advertising on Sumo Paint?

A: Sumo Paint is ad-free. The tools and community are the sole focus rather than monetization.


After using SumoPaint, I am amazed at the versatility and speed of this unique photo editor. The ability to quickly edit and create my own brushes, along with the option to import images from my local device, has significantly improved my workflow. The symmetry tool and 300 accurate sounds and textures add a new level of creativity to my designs.


The variety of effects and elements, combined with the sumo3d and sumocode features, are a testament to the precision and thought put into the 300 lines of code. The addition of sumotunes, sumophoto, sumoaudio, sumovideo, and sumopixel further demonstrate the comprehensive capabilities of this software.

The option to crop, trim, adjust volume, and combine videos makes Sumo Paint a one-stop shop for all my editing needs. Overall, Sumo Paint has surpassed my expectations and has become an essential tool in my creative process. 

App Name
Sumo Paint
Latest Version
Nov 26, 2023
36 MB
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