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What is Photopea APK?

Photopea is my go-to photo and graphics editor online. As a freelance designer, I need powerful editing tools but I don’t always have access to expensive programs like Photoshop. With Photopea, I can open PSD format and edit layers, make selections, apply filters, work with type, and more right in my web browser.

I don’t have to download anything or pay a subscription. Photopea gives me professional-level editing capabilities for free. Whether I’m on my laptop, a shared computer, or even my phone, I can access Photopea and work on designs anywhere.

It’s been a total game-changer for how I approach photo and graphics editing. The wide array of tools paired with the convenience of an online editor has made Photopea an essential part of my design workflow.

What is Photopea APK?

Technical characteristics

  • Supports Photoshop layers, masks, blending modes, etc.
  • Implements pen tool, clone stamp, shapes, type, adjustments, filters
  • Advanced tools like curves, hue/saturation, color balance
  • Large library of filters including blur, sharpen, distort, pixelate
  • Can export to JPG, PNG, SVG, PDF formats
Technical characteristics

New features Photopea APK for android and PC


  • Powerful features – Despite being online, Photopea provides Photoshop-level tools for editing images and graphics. The features go far beyond basic online editors.
  • Supports PSD files – Users can open and edit Photoshop PSD files up to 500MB in size while retaining layers, masks, text, and more. Great for working with existing PSD designs.
  • Easy to use interface – The layout is modeled after Photoshop so it feels familiar right away to Photoshop users. Shortens the learning curve.
  • Autosaves work – Edits are automatically saved locally in the browser so work is not lost if the browser crashes or closes.


  • Advanced user features missing – Some power user tools seen in Photoshop are not implemented in Photopea such as scripts, actions, advanced typography, etc.
  • Software updates required – To leverage newer features and fixes, Photopea requires manual updates since it is browser-based rather than a traditional installable application.
  • Files not synced across devices – The browser local storage means files are isolated to the device they are worked on, not synced across signed-in devices like cloud apps.
New features Photopea APK for android and PC

What’s new

  • Frame animations – You can now export frame animations into GIFs or video directly from Photopea for basic animation needs.
  • Drop shadow options – The layer drop shadow effect has been enhanced with new controls like fade, distance, angle, and containment.
  • Persistent panels – Panel locations can now be pinned so they remain static when switching documents rather than resetting position.
  • Dark mode – A system-level dark mode is now available for more comfortable long working sessions.
What's new

System Requirements

  • Sufficient RAM – Having at least 8GB of RAM is recommended for smooth operation, especially when working with high-resolution files. More RAM provides better performance.
  • CPU – A multi-core processor helps with running multiple edit operations at once. AMD Ryzen or Intel Core i5 CPUs or better are ideal.
  • Screen resolution – A 1080p or higher resolution monitor is suggested for adequate screen real estate. Photopea scales to any resolution though lower ones will be cramped.
  • Storage space – Having some available disk space is required during use as Photopea utilizes browser cache and temporary files. An SSD or fast HDD is preferable over slow storage.
System Requirements

How to use software

  1. Open a file

    Drag and drop a photo/PSD into the site or use File > Open to browse your files and open them.

  2. Edit the image

    Use the toolbar tools to manipulate the image – crop, resize, adjust colors, apply filters, etc.

  3. Work with layers

    For PSD files, the Layers panel allows you to edit individual layers with blends modes, opacity, etc.

  4. Add text

    Use the Type tool to add text boxes and customize the font, size, color and style.

  5. Export the file

    When done, export the finished result via File > Export As and choose file format and options.

Activation keys for Photopea APK

  • P747G-SO76M-3L8P5
  • 3KA8O-4A7F8-QNF2M
  • M83M8-31N33-7IKA7
  • LAT4G-E995T-5E6H4
  • E4OTC-73988-5623B
How to use software


  • Vectr – Vectr is a free in-browser vector graphics editor with common drawing tools comparable to Illustrator.
  • Fotor – Fotor provides photo enhancement abilities like one-click filters, effects, cropping, and touchup tools.
  • SVG-Edit – This editor allows creating and tweaking SVG vector images with shape tools, text, fills, strokes, and grouping.
  • Photopea – Provides the most Photoshop-like set of advanced capabilities for extensive image manipulation and design work.


Q: Does Photopea have mobile apps?

A: There are no official mobile apps, but Photopea is mobile-friendly and can be accessed using the browser on smartphones and tablets. Performance may be limited on mobile devices though.

Q: Can I use Photopea to design interfaces and websites?

A: While great for image editing, Photopea has limited capabilities for designing detailed user interfaces and webpages compared to tools like Figma and Sketch.

Q: How does Photopea compare to Photoshop?

A: Photopea provides many of Photoshop’s core image editing tools and features, but lacks some advanced capabilities related to 3D, video, automation, and plugins. But it’s an excellent free alternative.

Conclusion – Download Photopea

After conducting the latest review of Photopea 1.0, I am thoroughly impressed with its capabilities as a comprehensive and advanced image editor. The latest version of Photopea offers a wide range of features that cater to graphic designers and photo editing enthusiasts.

Conclusion - Download Photopea

As a developer, I find the platform to be user-friendly and accessible on the desktop, making it a convenient tool for creating and editing images. With its ability to handle multiple file formats such as Adobe Photoshop, XD, and XCF, Photopea stands out as a versatile and powerful photo editing platform.

Additionally, the integration of templates and the compatibility with Canva further expands its potential for creative projects. Overall, I believe Photopea is a valuable asset for both amateur and professional graphic designers, and I look forward to exploring its potential further in my work. 

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Nov 26, 2023
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