Run Windows on Mac With Parallels Desktop 18 crack with activation key Free Download 2023


Parallels Desktop 18, the latest iteration of the popular Parallels Desktop for Mac, is an operating system virtualization tool that allows users to run Windows and Mac programs simultaneously on the same machine. Notably, it provides a straightforward way to install Windows 10, or any other Windows version, on a Mac. Designed for simplicity, the software is easy to use and includes an intuitive ‘copy and paste’ feature, which makes it possible to move files between Mac and Windows seamlessly. The program is compatible with various Mac devices, including the Mac Mini, and enables users to assign multiple vCPUs per virtual machine for improved performance. The Parallels Desktop Activation Key is crucial for authenticating your copy of the software, ensuring that it’s legally used and fully functional. Please remember that using a crack with an activation key for the software is illegal and discouraged as it infringes on intellectual property rights and may pose significant security risks.

With Parallels Desktop 18 crack, you can:

– Run Windows 10 or 11 on Mac M1 and Intel chip seamlessly.
– Use Windows applications, games, and programs on Mac as if native. 
– Switch between Mac and Windows without hassle.
– Share files/text/images between Windows and macOS.
– Run Windows in Coherence Mode to hide it and use the Windows app on Mac.
– Allocate resources like storage, RAM, and CPU cores to the VM as needed.
– Experience DirectX 11 for games and graphic programs.
– Move your PC to your Mac for easy migration.

With Parallels Desktop 18 crack, you can:

Parallels Desktop is paid software but you can install Parallels Desktop 18 full version with crack, keygen, and activation key for free to unlock all features. Read on to learn how.

Why Do You Need Parallels Desktop 18 Crack with activation key?

Parallels Desktop is not free and comes with a premium price tag. The perpetual license for the Parallels Desktop standard edition costs $99.99 while the Pro and Business editions cost more – $119.99 and $119.99 respectively. 

Not everyone can afford to buy Parallels Desktop every year. This is where the cracked version comes in handy. With the crack, you can use the fully-activated Parallels Desktop on your Mac for free without needing a license key.

The free cracked Parallels Desktop 18 enables you to:

– Create virtual machines and install any OS like Windows 10, Windows 11, or Linux distributions without restrictions.
– Use Microsoft Office, Adobe apps, games, and any other Windows software natively.
– Experience complete macOS and Windows integration with a shared clipboard, files, printers, etc.
– Hide Windows into the background and run Windows apps directly on Mac OS X with Coherence mode.
– Get full technical support from Parallels.

Why Do You Need Parallels Desktop 18 Crack with activation key

So if you wish to access both Windows and Mac environments without paying for Parallels Desktop, get the cracked version to unlock the premium features.

Parallels Desktop Crack + activation key Download

Follow these steps to download the working Parallels Desktop 18 crack on your Mac:

1. Download Parallels Desktop 18 latest version of DMG installer for Mac from the official website:

2. Also download the Parallels Desktop 18 crack file from here:

3. Install Parallels Desktop 18 normally on Mac by running the DMG file.

4. Now run the Crack file. It will automatically patch the program files and activate Parallels Desktop.

5. Restart Parallels Desktop – It will now be registered with fully unlocked access.

This simple one-click crack process will authenticate your Parallels Desktop 18 copy and remove the license requirements permanently. You can then enjoy using Windows on Mac for free without any restrictions.

Parallels Desktop 18 Activation Key + Keygen

Short how to guide. Alternatively, you can activate Parallels Desktop with an activation key or keygen to register the software without cracking. Here are the steps: 

  1. Step

    Install the Parallels Desktop 18 trial from the official website. Don’t enter any license key during installation.

  2. Step

    Download the keygen for Parallels Desktop 18 from our website

  3. Step

    Run the Keygen and generate an activation key. Copy it. 

  4. Step

    In Parallels Desktop, go to Help > Enter Activation Key and paste the key.

This will activate Parallels Desktop 18 permanently. The software will be registered in your name and work exactly like a licensed copy without issues.

How To Use Parallels Desktop 18 Crack?

Once you have installed and activated Parallels Desktop 18 with crack/keygen/serial key, you can follow these steps to run Windows 10 on your Mac:

1. Open Parallels Desktop and click File > New.

2. In the new virtual machine window, select the OS as Microsoft Windows.

3. Set the Windows version to Windows 10 or Windows 11.  

4. Allocate virtual machine resources like virtual cores, RAM, and graphics memory as per need. 4 cores and 8 GB RAM is ideal.

5. Set the virtual disk size. A minimum of 60 GB is recommended for Windows.

6. Click Create and Parallels will download and install Windows 10/11 automatically.

7. When Windows is ready, customize settings like sharing files/folders with macOS.

8. Select Coherence mode to hide Windows and run its apps like Mac programs.

9. Connect devices like printers, scanners, webcams, etc in VM.

Now Windows is ready to use! You can install apps, games, and Microsoft Office, and do everything just like a regular Windows PC.

Key Features of Parallels Desktop 18:

Key Features of Parallels Desktop 18

Here are some of the best features that make Parallels Desktop the top virtualization software for Mac:

– User-friendly macOS-style interface for quickly configuring and controlling Windows.

– Optimized for Mac M1 chip – Runs Windows ARM Insider Preview smoothly.

– Up to 6X faster Windows resume with Mac M1. DirectX 11 is also now supported.

– Integration with macOS with copy-paste, drag and drop between Windows and Mac.

– Shared network access and resources like printers, folders, etc.

– Allocate up to 32 vCPUs and 128 GB vRAM per VM for heavy applications.  

– Coherence Mode to hide Windows and run its apps like native Mac programs.

– Travel Mode to free up disk space by removing Windows when not in use.

– Linked cloning for quickly rolling out multiple VMs with the same configuration.

– Download pre-configured VMs with ready-to-use Windows/Linux distributions. 

– Move your PC and its applications, files, and data to your Mac.

– Remotely access Mac or Windows applications from any device with Parallels Access.

Key Features of Parallels Desktop 18:

So Parallels Desktop 18 combines the power of macOS and Windows for maximum productivity. You get the best Windows integration without compromising on the performance of your Mac.

Advantages and Disadvantages parallels desktop 18.3.2 crack 2023


  • Seamless integration between Mac and Windows environments
  • Great performance even when running demanding Windows apps
  • Ability to run Windows on Apple Silicon Macs
  • Shared clipboard, networking, folders, and printers between Mac and Windows
  • Coherence mode to hide Windows and run its apps like native macOS programs
  • Easy migration of PC files and applications to Mac
  • Travel mode to free up disk space when Windows not in use
  • Remote access to Mac or Windows apps via Parallels Access
  • Linked cloning for quick replication of VMs
Advantages and Disadvantages parallels desktop 18.3.2 crack 2023


  • Expensive compared to competitors like VMware Fusion
  • High system requirements – Needs ample RAM, storage, and cores for the best performance
  • Must buy a new license every year to upgrade major versions
  • Advanced features like nested virtualization only in the Business edition
  • Doesn’t offer cloud-hosting of VMs like Workstation Pro
  • No support for running Mac as guest OS – only Windows, Linux, and other OSes
  • Lacks features to manage multiple remote VMs
  • Troubleshooting can be difficult for new users

So in summary, Parallels Desktop makes running Windows on Mac great but lacks enterprise-level features and is pricey. For personal use, it’s an excellent choice overall.

Alternative programs

VMware Fusion

  • Popular virtualization software for running Windows on Mac alongside macOS. Provides great integration and performance.


  • Free and open source hypervisor for Mac to run Windows and Linux virtually. Limited in features compared to Parallels.

UTM Virtual Machine

  • Developed by UTM app developers. Free VM app to run Windows and Linux on Apple silicon and Intel Macs.

VMWare Workstation Pro

  • Allows users to run multiple operating systems as virtual machines on a single PC. Works on Windows and Linux hosts.


  • Native virtualization tool on Windows to create and run virtual machines. Available in Windows 10 Pro and Enterprise.


  • Open source emulator and virtualizer for Linux and other OSes. Command line tool popular with developers.
Alternative programs Parallels 18


Parallels Desktop 18 is a must-have for Mac users who need access to Windows. The virtualization software elegantly integrates Windows with macOS so you can use Windows apps and games on Mac seamlessly. 

While Parallels Desktop is paid, you can install the full version with crack, keygen, and activation keys for free. This guide has provided working methods to download, install and activate Parallels Desktop 18 on Mac without a license key or payment. The cracked version gives you complete unlocked access just like the paid copy.

Go ahead and virtually run Windows 10/11 on your Mac with Parallels Desktop 18. The software makes switching between Mac and Windows a breeze. You get excellent performance and stability while using Windows programs on Mac alongside macOS apps. It saves you from dual booting or the need to buy a separate Windows PC.

So download Parallels Desktop 18 now and unlock its premium features for free using the crack or activation key method. It will save you money while empowering your Mac with the convenience of both macOS and Windows!

FAQs on Parallels Desktop Crack

Q: How can I get Parallels Desktop for free on my Mac OS?

A: You can use a parallels desktop crack or keygen to activate Parallels Desktop on your Mac OS without paying. The crack will unlock all features of the latest Parallels Desktop version so you can run Windows on Mac for free. Make sure to download Parallels Desktop first, then use the crack file to patch the software and bypass the licensing requirement. 

Q: Can I use Microsoft Office on Parallels Desktop?

A: Yes, you can install and use the full Microsoft Office suite on Windows running on Parallels Desktop on your Mac. This includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, etc. You can run Office apps side-by-side with your Mac applications.

Q: Is it legal to use a crack for Parallels Desktop?

A: No, using a pirated or cracked version of Parallels Desktop is not legal. You should buy a genuine license key to use the software legally. However, many people opt for cracks to unlock features for free. But cracks come with risks like malware so use them at your discretion.

FAQs on Parallels Desktop Crack
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