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 What is  Deep Freeze Standard crack?

Deep Freeze is a soft application developed by Faronics that allows computers to be “frozen” into a desired configuration state. It works by capturing the ideal disk image, system settings, and software installed on a computer. Then every time the computer restarts, Deep Freeze restores it back to this frozen configuration, undoing any changes made to the system. This prevents permanent configuration drifts and soft corruption from occurring on public, shared computers. Deep Freeze is commonly used in schools, libraries, computer labs, and other multi-user environments to keep computers locked into a pristine state across reboots. Its undeletable file and settings restoration provides computer integrity protection without requiring dedicated disks or hardware.

 Technical characteristics

Deep Freeze is built on advanced kernel-level drivers that integrate deeply into the Windows or Mac operating system. It snapshots a computer’s disk, memory, system files, and registry settings to capture a pristine configuration state. The software then monitors for system changes like files being modified, settings changed, or software installed during a work session. Once the computer is restarted, Deep Freeze intercepts the reboot process and restores the system back to the original frozen state, undoing any changes made. This entire process occurs invisibly in the background without user intervention. Deep Freeze provides options for scheduling when reboot restoration occurs, creating exclusion policies, generating reports, and centrally managing deployments across networks. The solution is designed to be robust, lightweight, and minimize performance impact on systems.


Features deep freeze standard
  • Restores original system configuration on every reboot – Any changes made to system files, settings, soft etc. are wiped clean after restarting.
  • Driver-level solution – Uses kernel drivers to integrate into operating system and intercept reboots. Works independently of hardware or disk imaging.
  • Exclusion options – Allows specifying files, folders, drives to exclude from being reset on reboot. Useful for persistent data.
  • Centralized management – Admin console allows customizing policies, running reports, scheduling reboots across networked machines.
  • Password protection – Admin password can be set to prevent users from thawing frozen machines without authorization.
  • Meltdown capability – Users with authentication can temporarily disable Deep Freeze protection to make permanent changes if needed.
  • File filters – Defines which file types can or cannot be altered in the frozen state based on extensions, folder locations etc.
  • Custom reboot options – Admins can schedule daily, weekly or monthly forced reboots as well as triggering reboot restoration remotely.
  • Low resource usage – Optimized to have minimal impact on system performance and resources.
  • Timed Thaw – Automatically thaws the frozen state for a set duration before refreezing. Useful for soft installs/updates.

 Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Maintains computer integrity by undoing any system changes or corruption after each reboot.
  • Eliminates need to repeatedly reimage computers in multi-user environments.
  • Allows users freedom to install soft, change settings without permanently damaging computer.
  • Lower IT support and maintenance costs since systems are self-healing.
  • Enables easy recovery from malware, accidental system file deletion, or registry errors.
  • Non-invasive soft solution that doesn’t require separate partitions or imaging hardware.
  • Centrally manage and customize Deep Freeze behavior across networked computers.
  • Compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems.


  • Software must be installed locally on each computer adding deployment overhead.
  • Users may lose work if they forget to save files before restart.
  • Not effective against some types of hardware failure or BIOS-level malware.
  • Can conflict with disk encryption, security, and virtualization solutions.
  • Requires reboot to restore computer instead of dynamically resetting changes.
  • Administrative access needed to configure Deep Freeze and its settings.


 What’s new Deep Freeze 2023?

 What's new Deep Freeze 2023?
  • Faster reboot times for restoration – Optimizations to reduce the time taken for Deep Freeze to snapshot and restore on restart.
  • Enhanced security for DeepFreeze Console – Additional measures like role-based access control, stronger password policies etc.
  • Remote Thaw via Console – Admins can now remotely thaw computers through the central management console.
  • Windows Client deployable through Microsoft Endpoint Manager – Windows Client now supports deployment via Microsoft Endpoint Manager/Intune.

 Version comparison

Deep Freeze Standard vs Deep Freeze Enterprise

  • Deep Freeze Standard is designed for single computer use or small deployments.
  • Deep Freeze Enterprise adds central management console, clustering, advanced scheduling and customization options for larger deployments.

DeepFreeze Mac vs DeepFreeze Windows

  • Deep Freeze Mac is designed specifically for macOS and supports Mac computers.
  • Deep Freeze Windows supports Microsoft Windows operating systems.

DeepFreeze Server vs DeepFreeze Workstation

  • DeepFreeze Server is optimized for server operating systems like Windows Server and provides server-specific features.
  • DeepFreeze Workstation is designed for client versions of Windows and MacOS platforms.

 System Requirements Deep Freeze 2023

  • Supported Windows Versions: Windows 7, 8.1, 10, 11 and Windows Server 2008 R2 to 2022
  • Processor: 1 GHz or faster
  • RAM: 1 GB minimum, 2 GB recommended
  • Disk Space: 100 MB for installation

 Deep Freeze Standard 8.70.220 crack free download 2023

 Deep Freeze Standard 8.70.220 crack free download 2023

 Deep Freeze Standard 8.70.220 crack free download 2023 is a soft that is often sought after due to its numerous features and benefits. This version comes with a keygen for easy activation and is an upgrade to the previous version 8.63. It offers a license, allowing users to secure their system and protect it against any potential threats. Developed by Faronics, Standard is designed to keep the computer in its original state no matter what changes are made. It prevents viruses, trojans, and other malicious attacks from infecting the system. With the license key, users can easily restore their computer to its original state even after encountering a virus or malware. This software is a good choice for anyone concerned about computer security and wants to keep their system free from any malware or rootkit. The deep freeze standard serial key ensures that your system is protected and fully functional at all times, providing peace of mind for the user.

 How to install Deep Freeze 2023 crack?

  1. Check System Compatibility
  • Ensure computer meets minimum RAM, disk space, soft requirements 
  1. Download Installer
  • Acquire Deep Freeze full installer exe from vendor’s website or insert CD/DVD.
  1. Start Installation
  • Double click on installer exe file and follow on-screen prompts.
  1. Accept License Agreement
  • Review and accept the End User License Agreement when prompted.
  1. Customize Components
  • Select components to install like Workstation Client, Server Client, Console.
  1. Finish Installation
  • Once install completes, tray icon appears. Can access configuration options.
  • May require a system reboot to fully initialize Deep Freeze serial license key 2023.

 How To Crack full version DeepFreeze with license key?

 How To Crack full version DeepFreeze with license key?

 How to use DeepFreeze crack with serial key?

Short guide about Basic functions

  1. Restore on Reboot

    The core function is to restore the system back to its frozen state after every restart, undoing any changes made.

  2. Software Integrity

    Prevents software corruption by regularly resetting applications to their initial state.

  3. Accidental Change Protection

    Recovers from unintentional system file/registry modifications made by users.

  4. Malware Protection

    Helps undo malware infections or harmful software installations after a reboot.

  5. Shared Computer Management

    Allows setting a standard configuration for use across multiple users of a public computer.

 Product activation method

 How to get activation key or registration key to Deep Freeze crack?

 How to get activation key or registration key to Deep Freeze crack?

 Activation keys

DeepFreeze Workstation 12-month subscription:


DeepFreeze Server perpetual license:


DeepFreeze Mac single user:



  • Microsoft SteadyState – Free tool from Microsoft that has basic configuration freezing and restoration capabilities. 
  • Drive Vaccine – Specialized solution focused just on resetting the system drive back to an earlier state.
  • Reboot Restore Rx – Easy-to-use freeware that restores chosen files and folders on reboot. More limited in scope.
  • Windows Group Policy – Can leverage Windows GP to undo changes across desktops though more complex.
  • VM Snapshots – Using virtual machine snapshots can reset VMs back to their original state. Requires virtualized environment.
  • Disk Imaging – Periodic disk imaging can capture clean OS state to restore from as needed. More labor intensive.
  • Sandboxie – Virtualizes the OS to containerize any permanent changes made to the system. Requires reboot to fully reset changes.
  • Practice Labs – Provides hands-on virtual lab environments that students can practice on without permanent impact.


In conclusion, Deep Freeze is a powerful software that allows users to preserve their computer’s desired configuration. With its crack version 8.60, released in 2020, users can operate the software without any limitations. This standard crack provides full access to the system and ensures that the desired configuration remains intact even after rebooting. To activate the software, users can use the standard license key or the deep freeze serial key. For those who prefer a full version, the faronics full crack is available. The program torrent is also an option for acquiring the software. With the magic formula key and the serial key 2023, users can enjoy a freeze cracked full version. Additionally, the free deepening of voice feature enables users to fully experience the benefits of Deep Freeze for free. Overall, it is a reliable and efficient tool for maintaining a computer’s desired configuration.


Q: What is Deep Freeze and how does it function?

A: Deep Freeze is a computer security application that protects core system files and configurations by ‘freezing’ the system’s desired configuration. Any changes made during a session, whether accidental or malicious, are reverted to this ‘frozen’ state upon reboot, ensuring the system remains unchanged.

Q: How can Deep Freeze benefit my computer system or organization?

A: Deep Freeze ensures that your computer system remains in a pristine and consistent state. This reduces IT maintenance, as any system misconfigurations, malware infections, or software issues can be resolved simply by restarting the system. In organizational settings, it ensures that public or shared computers remain in their intended state, reducing the need for regular maintenance and troubleshooting.

Q: Is it possible to make permanent changes to the system while Deep Freeze is active?

A: While Deep Freeze is active, any changes to the system will be temporary. To make permanent changes, the administrator would need to “thaw” the system (disable Deep Freeze), make the desired changes, and then “freeze” it again to preserve the new state.

App Name
Deep Freeze Standard
Faronics Corporation
Latest Version
Nov 22, 2023
512 MB
Windows 7, 8, or 10
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