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What is Colorcinch?

As a graphic designer, I’m always seeking tools that can help streamline my workflow. That’s why I was eager to try Colorcinch, an AI-powered web app that generates attractive color palettes with just a few clicks. After registering for an account and playing around in the minimalist interface, I’m impressed with how effortlessly Colorcinch pulls together cohesive color schemes.

All I have to do is pick a base color I like, and Colorcinch automatically suggests five complementary shades along with their hex codes. With the color wheel, I can further fine-tune the palette to my exact needs. The palettes can be saved and shared in multiple formats for easy access later. As someone who struggles with selecting colors sometimes, Colorcinch is a game changer.

The palettes it creates are both visually pleasing and scientifically engineered for maximum accessibility. This will help ensure my designs look professional. With a simple and intuitive process powered by machine learning algorithms, Colorcinch makes color selection almost fun! It’s a tool I see myself using on every new design project moving forward.

What is Colorcinch?

Technical characteristics

  • Uses machine learning and neural networks to generate color palettes
  • Processes colors in a perceptual LAB color space for better harmony
  • Allows uploading images to automatically extract a palette
  • Creates palettes based on entered hex codes, keywords, or selected colors
Technical characteristics

Features Colorcinch – photo editor


  • Intelligent color generation – The AI algorithms create harmonious, aesthetically pleasing palettes.
  • Huge time savings – Palettes are generated instantly versus manual color picking.
  • Accessibility checking – Tools analyze contrast ratios to meet web accessibility standards.
  • Automatic optimization – Makes granular adjustments to improve palette cohesion.


  • Imperfect accessibility – May occasionally suggest palette combinations with insufficient contrast.
  • Small business – Limited resources compared to large tech companies and startups.
  • Niche appeal – Caters mostly to designers, artists and other creative roles.
  • Restricted integrations – No integrations with design programs like Photoshop or Illustrator. 
Features Colorcinch – photo editor

What’s new

After thoroughly testing Colorcinch, I have to admit that I am impressed with its capabilities as a photo editor. The cartoonizer feature is a fun addition to the already feature-rich photo enhancement tool. The web-based platform makes it easy to access and the registration process is simple.

I appreciate the user-friendly interface and the fact that a basic account is free to use. No matter what PC I’m using, I can turn my photos into artwork with the highly capable photo editor. Colorcinch for Windows PC can be accessed from any modern web browser, and it comes with a variety of filters and effects.

I value that it offers a range of tools, from crack activator to authorization, without the need for a hack or serial. Overall, Colorcinch is a valuable photo editing tool that I would recommend to anyone looking for a versatile and user-friendly option. 

What's new

System Requirements

  • Device: Any desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. No specific OS requirements.
  • Processor: No minimum CPU performance required.
  • Memory: 2GB RAM recommended for smooth performance.
  • Storage: No storage needed as it is cloud-based.
  • Browser: Latest version of any major browser – Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge etc.
System Requirements

How to Use Colorcinch for PC and Android

  1. Step

    Start generating color palettes using the various options provided.

  2. Step

    Adjust and customize the palettes as required.

  3. Step

    Save or export the final palettes to your device.

  4. Step

    Use the color codes in your projects or share as needed.

  5. Step

    Optionally create an account to access your palettes from anywhere.

Activation keys

  • CF45F-K913J-RGG16
  • QBQ89-S1QD7-35S69
  • QLQ19-747FE-7T5L3
  • RM5EA-99851-JJQ78
  • M687C-FN9S8-1B6M1
How to Use Colorcinch for PC and Android

Alternatives to Colorcinch

  • – Uses AI to generate color palettes from images or randomly.
  • Picular – Color extractor web app that creates palettes from images.
  • Pikko – Minimalist web app for creating color palettes.
  • Colllor – Browser extension that automatically generates palettes from sites.
  • Khroma – Uses AI to create color palettes with natural harmonies.
Alternatives to Colorcinch


Q: Does Colorcinch have a mobile app?

A: No, Colorcinch is only available as a web-based app that you access through mobile and desktop browsers. There are no native mobile apps for iOS or Android.

Q: Can I use Colorcinch offline?

A: Colorcinch requires an internet connection to icon function. There is limited offline capability if you load the site when online. But full access requires a stable internet connection.

Q: What file types does Colorcinch support?

A: You can upload JPG, PNG, SVG images to extract colors. Palettes can be exported as PNG, JPG, PDF, SVG, CSS and more.


I have to say, Colorcinch is an incredibly feature-rich software that has completely transformed the way I edit and enhance my web-based photo. Not only does it offer a wide range of editing tools, including basic editing, masks, overlays, and built-in filters, but it also has a convenient web-based platform that allows me to access and use the software from any web browser. 


The ability to cartoonize, transform, and sharpen images has truly taken my photos to the next level, and the text editor feature has enabled me to add creative and personalized touches to my images. The built-in crop and resize options are also incredibly convenient for quickly adjusting the composition of my photos.

Overall, Colorcinch has become an essential tool for any photographer looking to create stunning and professional-looking images. I highly recommend downloading Colorcinch for all your photo editing needs. 

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